Community Support Program

We love this idea to connect with your community.

Ronda from Bremer's has sold 149 of the Em[brace]lets! with help from their community in Central Illinois, they've raised $2,980 to help support Midwest Food Bank - Peoria Division

 While we were working remotely, with a skeleton crew overseeing shipments etc., I took the first few days at home (our Governor's orders) and thought, "What the heck am I going to do?" How can I help? How can I keep my customers engaged, help the community, and not bury my head in the sand and stay in bed watching the news and eating carbs... (well OK, I have done that too!)


I immediately reached out to our local food bank, had a 5-minute conversation, they said YES, and we created a bracelet that enabled us to donate the profits back.

For every $1.00 we donate, they are able to provide 3 meals! This is amazing! I can cover my costs... keep some employees working from home and give back in a HUGE way to those in dire need. We posted it on social media, sent an email to our customers, and we sold bracelets. Lots! We were able to connect with our customers while helping our community. Can we do that for you? What if you reach out to your food bank, first responders, local hospital or a charity in need in your community (there are so many) and we create a simple bracelet, we can create a card and a bracelet in our custom box and we can even ship it for you to your customers? We can create your email with your information, we can make you an IG post take the photos etc. All this for around $12-$15.00. You could donate the profits, or at least a nice percentage. I promise you it will feel great. I also promise you that we will support you in this. We will work on the slimmest margin possible, just to cover our costs.
We will print your cards, box the product, etc. If you would like us to ship it for you, you can provide us with the name and address and we will also ship it for you directly to your customer. You can charge them and donate to the charity of your choice. I have attached our most recent program which we were able to put together quickly (we make domestically, and my team is working from home). We can do this for you. You can send the emails from the comfort of your home, we will also create an IG and FB post for you if you would like and you can post on your SM platforms. Your charities will benefit and your customers will stay engaged... it's a win win : ) We only need your logo and the logo of the charity that you are working with and we will do the rest.

Let's do this together!

 Feel free to call me on my cell (702) 592-1683
and we can discuss further. 

In addition to the above, just know that whether we have done business together, or not, we at Dee Berkley Jewelry will be ready with open arms to work with you. You may need some terms, some pieces for a trunk show, etc....we will be here to help. This is a small industry and over the years, I have been supported and helped by so many vendors, clients, new customers, existing customers, buying groups etc. I understand times will be challenging as we navigate this but it is my hope that we will get through this storm together. Please let me know how we can help both now and in the coming months as we navigate these uncharted waters. We are working on new and exciting ways to show you product, help you as you head into the fall season, and even if you just want a friend to chat with, know that both myself and my team will be ready to listen. 
Thank you friends! My wish is that you, your team, your families and friends are safe and protected.
Let's be there for each other and know that this too shall pass. 
Warmest Regards,

Dee Berkley
Cell: (702) 592-1683

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