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COVID-19 Safety Procedures


What additional sanitizing steps have you taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in your stores?


  • We are spraying down all contact surfaces with Lysol after every customer

  • Constantly sanitizing handles

  • As of right now we are just increasing the amount of times that we clean/sanitize hard surfaces.

  • Wiping down cases after every customer.  Associates are wearing gloves and changing gloves in between customers.  Hand sanitizer is all over our store for customers to use.

  • We are disinfecting counters, door handles, keyboards on an hourly basis

  • Door handles entering and existing the show room are being wiped down as soon as possible to each use.

  • Cleaning everything, we touch

  • Constant cleaning for the couple of customers that come in

  • Lots of disinfectant and three times a day cleaning schedule.

  • Constant cleaning for the couple of customers that come in

  • We are cleaning jewelry after each customer leaves, wiping cases down after each client leaves.  In mall so no door handles. Cleaning all tools. 

  • All jewelry items are sanitized with alcohol or steam before and after being handled. Store door handle is wiped after every customer and "social distancing is in effect as well

  • Cleaning store throughout day- take in procedures for repairs and cleaning >we are wearing gloves, dip jewelry into alcohol, etc

  • We are placing any repairs in alcohol before we handle repairs.

  • We are having customers place repairs or jewelry to be cleaned on a pad and then dipping it into alcohol and cleaning and returning to them on the pad.

  • Dipping all jewelry in alcohol before handling 

  • Usual-we are not touching anyone's jewelry.  Putting it in bags and taking it in from there.  Cleaning everything.... over and over....

  • Sanitized wipes used before & after trying on jewelry. Complementary sanitizing gel. Constantly wiping down everything several times a day

  • We are cleaning all surfaces and door handles multiple times per day and all staff is instructed to wash their hands after each customer contact and then sanitize the checkout area with Clorox wipes (including credit card keypad and all counter surfaces) 

  • Sanitizing everything after they leave and washing hands in between each customer

  • Customers to sanitize hands before handling jewelry, cleaning all jewelry after. Consistently cleaning all cases, workstations, doors, phones, ring sizers etc....


  • Letting customers put cleaning items on tray and then putting them in cleaner with tweezers.  Wipe down pens, cc machine and any other area customer has touched after they leave. Clean each item they try on after they leave. Offered curb side delivery on orders or repairs.

  • Sanitize any jewelry (showcase or customer's) before handling.  Sanitize all touched surfaces throughout day.  Remove community cookies, pens, toys, etc. Watch batteries and bands checked in for day or two to sanitize thoroughly before any work is done.

  • We have temporarily halted “Free Jewelry Cleaning” to help stop the spread of contamination. We have reduced our take home jewelry cleaners from $14.99 to our cost of $9 each for anyone needing that service.

  • We have spray alcohol bottles at each island to clean jewelry before and after someone tries it on.  We also have hand sanitizer throughout the store.  We are cleaning glass, counter tops and doors multiple times throughout the day.

  • We have sanitizer on the counters, our service takes in washes hands before and after each client.  Kitchen in the store so you must wash hands before opening the refrigerator.  WE have turned off the ice machines (to keep people from touching the scoops

  • Lots of disinfectant and three times a day cleaning schedule. We are doing exactly what you said in the example.  After the customer has left, we are sanitizing the area that they were in. We are also wiping doors down after they leave

  • Sanitizers on counters for both Employees and Customers.  Rubber gloves given to Cust Service and Gold buyers.

  • Hand sanitizer bottles are around the store.  Staff uses them regularly and we offer them to customers.  Removed magazines/reading materials from the showroom.  Spraying Lysol on all door handles 2x a day.

  • Keeping the counters cleaned more frequently. Sanitizing bottles around store serving drinks in disposable cups

  • Hand sanitizer is being offered at entrance to the show room and upon existing
    Showcase glass is being wiped down at every break between clients. We are also practicing social distance between employees and clients to minimize chance of contamination.


  • We have sprayed down the store using hand sanitizers and giving travel hand sanitizers to customers. Practicing Social Distancing as recommended by the CDC of 10 people max in the store at one time.  All employees stay in their designated workstations as opposed to huddling at the cash register.

  • Bottles on the counter of hand sanitizers and most customer are being really careful.  We place items on a pad and then take them into the back to clean before examining them.  Right now, we don't have that problem because there are no customers.

  • Sanitize hands constantly and wiping down surfaces, dipping jewelry in alcohol before touching, taking rings/watch batteries in for 24 hours to allow time to soak and take proper sanitary precaution.

  • So far we've come up with: Sanitize customer hands before trying on jewelry, employees wearing gloves to take in all repairs and old gold, sanitize before working on jewelry, no hugging or hand shaking, offering curb side pickup, making payments over the phone

  • Sanitized wipes used before & after trying on jewelry. Complementary sanitizing gel. Constantly wiping down everything several times a day

  • Sanitizers on counters for both Employees and Customers.  Rubber gloves given to Cust Service and Gold buyers. 

  • Sanitizer at the door and sign asking people to wash their hands. 

  • Sanitizing everything after they leave and washing hands in between each customer

  • We are cleaning jewelry after each customer leaves, wiping cases down after each client leaves.  In mall so no door handles. Cleaning all tools. 

  • We had our wedding band show and sale last weekend. We sent out an email blast and posted a letter explaining what measures we have taken to sanitize our store to keep our customers employees safe

  • Wearing gloves

  • We had a dispensable hand sanitizer but can't find any hand sanitizer to fill it with. It's difficult to find even alcohol.

  • We purchased Microban bacterial cleaner.  Other than that, we have not yet taken any further steps other than washing hands and awareness.  No cases in our market at present.

  • I wish there were customers here to use the hand sanitizers I have.   But if you must lick your fingers to get your ring off, I don't want to be anywhere near you.

  • Suspended coffee and cookie station

  • Sanitizer throughout the store, wiping all entrance bars and doorknobs.  We had to close our two stores till the 27th so far!

  • We weren't really doing anything different than before but now we are closed for two weeks

  • We have decided to close to the public as of today. We are delivering items at the front door and are taking extra precautions for sanitation

  • We have been wiping the Vestibule locker system down after every delivery, but the wiping is a moot point.  We closed on Friday for at least 2 weeks.

  • Our stores are closing for 2 weeks as of tomorrow

  • 1. Clean and Checks--handing customers their own plastic container with a job envelope and pen.
    2. After the customer removes their jewelry, we are asking them to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands.
    3. Our customer service reps are instructed not to touch the jewelry until it has been sanitized.
    4. Wiping down all door handles throughout the day.
    5. No hand shaking
    6. We are not baking and serving cookies.
    7. Sanitizing jewelry that customers have tried on


Have you reduced store hours? If so, what are the hours and how long will you be implementing your new hours.


  •  17 Retailers said No / Not Yet

  • Yes, Monday through Friday 11-4. Will maintain as needed

  • Yes, now open 10-6 m-f 10-5 sat last hour became super slow, not sure bout duration

  • We have been closing early at 4pm and will be closed for at least a week starting March 18...restaurants and bars were ordered to close today in NC

    Yes, down to 11-4pm until further notice 


  • Reduced hours from 10-7 to 10-6.  Seems small but that takes us to one shift rather than two.  Fast opening and closing times. So, they can come after rush hour and leave when it ends.  Rush hour?  Really doesn't exist right now.

  • Yes. We reduced daily hours from 10 to 7pm to 10 to 6pm. We are now closing Sundays. We see that continuing after this is over.

  • Yes in 2 doors located in shopping centers. 12 -6

  • It looks like I’m going to 5 days a week but keep our regular hours from 9:30-5:30. 

  • We have made the tough decision to close our showroom until March 28th but will accept appointments.

  • All departments will be open with limited staff

  • To begin the process to close, this week I reduced our hours today and tomorrow from noon to 5 o’clock. Starting Wednesday, March 18 we will close for 14 days. We are sending you email blast and posting a letter explaining our position. 

  • Yes, we cut hours.  11am-7pm.  Most stores in mall are the same.  We are taking it day to day. 

  • Yes, we are going to reduce hours of operation.  Limiting exposure to everyone.

  • No but I have cut employee working hours.  Store traffic is definitely slower, so we don't need 4-5 people on the sales floor at all times.

  • We will be closing as of today 3/16

  • Yes

  • Thinking of going 10-4.

  • Skeleton crew in both stores to receive shipments answer emails and phone messages and process online orders  

  • Today we are going to close at 5:30 vs. 7 we will probably stick with 5:30 this week.  May close on Saturday depending on the situation.  I am guessing it will take a government mandate to close non-essential business.  I would like to be ahead of a government mandated shut down.

  • We have not changed our store hours.

  • Same hours but we expect the state will shut all businesses this week

  • Same hours

  • We are talking about it but have not yet

  • No reduction in hours until mandated or as a cost saving measure.



Have your closed your business due to Covid-19?

  • 3 Retailers said No / Not Yet

  • From a concerned independent jeweler to the Retail Jewelry Community: To be extra safe, we are putting highest value goods in safe deposit boxes at the bank today.  Virtually everything else will be in our secured storeroom or will be carefully bagged and put in the safes.  We are making sure customer goods are in the safes before lower value bulky inventory. All jewelry will be out of sight, but we will leave the displays in the cases. Look like the empty grocery store  shelves. I recommend NO JEWELRY be visible from your doors or windows for potential thieves to see and break in while you are in Shut Down for 2+ weeks.  Law enforcement may put your alarm calls at low priority.  Of course modify this as you see fit for your situation, but these are things I have put in place today for our store.  Let’s get through this the best we can!”

  • No call in our county yet. 

  • Not required and we still are doing some business

  • Not unless we must, I'm going to pay my employees either way so they might as well be working until there is a case in my area!

  • Not ready to totally cave yet

  • We are in an underpopulated area. Our community is 10,000.

  • Want to be here to deal with calls or online orders

  • The other shops are open, and we are catching up on paperwork

  • Only one case in the county and that was just today

  • There are still customers coming into the store

  • We are open but getting a plan in place to close and keep staff busy.

  • In our area, stores are opening shorting hours.

  • No one else has yet

  • Taking it day by day.

  • Currently it is not mandatory, and staff is being proactive and keeping clean and contamination free.

  • Haven't felt the need to yet but most likely will be soon

  • As of today, we are following mandatory closure rules and will not re-open until April 8th. :(. !!!

  • Closing for two weeks

  • One location is closed due to the Mall closing

  • One store is closed for two weeks (Mall location)

  • Don't want to be negative and less than 50% is payroll is hourly. 

  • Not required and we still are doing some business

  • The whole lifestyle center we are in is closing

  • All non-essential businesses were asked to close 

  • It’s the smart thing to do, it is important we don’t stress out the health care system

  • The law.

  • All non-essential businesses are being asked to close in NY

  • Gov announced this morning all non-essential business to close

  •  The PA Governor closed us

  • No one else has yet

  • We proactively did because it was recommended from our governor and it was the right thing to do for our employees and community! 


Do you have a plan in place for employee compensation in case closure or if cutting hours may be required?


  • 4 Retailers said Yes

  • 5 Retailers said No

  • I plan to have them use the government funding and if that is not available or not enough, we will fill in the gaps.

  • Relying on the govt for unemployment

  • Unemployment

  • Yes, advising employing to go to USA.GOV website, click on your state, and apply for aid that is available...

  • We are referring them to the unemployment office for interim compensation

  • Not really, must understand better the govt. Requirement that we must pay 14 days?

  • I read parts of the COVID bill and if you have fewer than 50 employees you are required to pay 2 weeks that will be issued as a tax credit in quarterly payroll tax. I would love further clarifications if anyone has them.

  • I have stopped paying myself and will pay people till I can't. St of NH has streamlined unemployment so even I can collect

  • We are working on contingency plans but do not have a formal policy in place yet.  We are waiting to hear from the Federal Government regarding payroll tax elimination for the remainder of the year, and small business relief & tax credit proposals.

  • Waiting on what the government does

  • We are working on that as we speak but are waiting to see if there is any government relief

  • Each employee has PTO available to them for use

  • Yes- staff has been notified they can use PTO days for the time we are closed. If someone doesn't have PTO days, they will not receive compensation.

  • Possible use of paid vacations or unemployment. 

  • We’ll pay them up to two weeks

  • As of now, 1 week paid sick leave

  • That is my biggest dilemma.  Can't afford to bankroll them for very long.   Perhaps using sick and vacation time until we hear about govt assistance programs.

  • We informed our employees we can cover their vacations but not sick time. They may use vacation for sick time if they choose.

  • They may use sick time and Vacation time if they choose to stay home. Nobody is forced to come to work.

  • I am paying out their vacation and the rest of the holidays thru the end of the year in advance

  • No plan beyond sick time & Vacation time.

  • We have a list of other projects that people can volunteer to come in and work on while we are closed to continue to get their base pay for

  • Yes.  We have a last payroll with commissions that will need to be paid on March 27th.  After that we will need to lay people off.

  • We are reducing to a skeleton crew and will be asking others to file for unemployment

  • Paid the hours worked

  • Yes, we are paying all employees their regular hours

  • We are reducing their hours to 30/week to start. This allows them to still receive their health insurance. If the situation extends longer than 14 days, we will ask them to file for unemployment. NYS is allowing compensation for this virus.They are also responsible paying for the portion owed us of their health insurance.

  • We hope to be able to keep the business open and pay.  There is no cash flow and no business although march is the slowest month for us.  So bad is just much worse. 

  • Just like during a hurricane or other disaster, we pay our staff in full as long as I can afford to do it.

  • Waiting on what the government does

  • Not really, must understand better the govt. Requirement that we must pay 14 days?

  • Having to wing it.......

  • No set plan but let those that volunteer for hours to be cut and offered help for those that may become in need. 

  • This is hard.  Insurance doesn't cover virus related work loss, but we have a lot of loyal employees that rely on a paycheck.  We do have a rainy-day fund but didn't plan on covering the entire staff for weeks.  

  • Still thinking of best way to handle

  • That is a difficult plan as we are expecting business to drop by 25% this year and need to cut expenses as well

  • No. Currently, our sales team is receiving about a 15% cut in their weekly working hours.  They understand and are taking it very well.

  • We will be cutting hours-probably to 32 for full time employees.  I will be asking salary to also cut to 32.  I am only paying myself enough to cover my 401k contribution.

  • If closure is mandatory, I am going to try and continue to pay the associates.  I am looking to see if I need to cut back on 401k match, health, dental or vision benefits temporarily. 

  • Prepared to cut full time by one day/week. Making plans for further cuts.


Have you cancelled any instore events/trunk shows?


  • 7 Retailers said No

  • Didn't have any planned for this month

  • Did not have any planned for march

  • None scheduled at this time

  • Yes, we have cancelled a wedding band event that was supposed to take place this weekend

  • Yes. Restyling event

  • Unfortunately, yes.

  • Yes, we canceled our downtown-wide wedding show that was supposed to be at the end of April that I coordinate  

  • Yes- custom show

  • Yes, we had a bridal event scheduled for April that we cancelled 

  • Yes, approximately four special events are casualties so far.

  • Yes, our wedding band event

  • Just cancelled a guild and facet event in April

  • Just cancelled two today

  • Yes.  We had a bridal event planned for this upcoming weekend

  • Yes, at this time all March events are cancelled

  • Yes, our biggest annual event

  • Yes, we canceled our downtown-wide wedding show that was supposed to be at the end of April that I coordinate

  • Postponing 74th Anniversary Sale to a later date to be determined

  • We are going to extend our March wedding month but haven't' canceled anything. The thing that stinks is we were having a great month. Margin and sales were up

  • Still having our Bridal Show this weekend but reigned in advertising to the public.  We will most likely have one again later in the year to make up for the traffic loss.

  • Have not cancelled wedding band show, will extend as needed

  • Postponing 74th Anniversary Sale to a later date to be determined

  • Postponed our Estate Sale

  • Yes - we postponed our Guild & Facet event.

  • Yes. Delaying roll out of remodeling sales. We are promoting "Have your jewelry deep cleaned".

  • We have delayed our planned March/April events with no re-launch date set.  Our next trunk show is scheduled for May 5, and at this point we are planning to go ahead with it.

  • No - have one later this week.

  • Not yet but we will be.  

  • Not yet. I do have one vendor out of Houston that is waiting to see how things turn out before they commit to a trunk show that was scheduled for May 2. 

  • Show is late April is in wait and see mode.

  • Not yet. We have one scheduled April 17/18

  • No but we have an event scheduled for May 1 & 2.  I'm waiting to see what the next 2 weeks looks like before I decide on that event.

  • None scheduled for the next few weeks. We had a Jocolio wedding band event this last weekend and did huge numbers! That's positive news.

  • Our wedding band event was this weekend

  • Our Wedding Band Show and Sale was last weekend. Unfortunately, the hysteria began two days before so our show, so we were off about 40% from previous years. I also postponed the construction of our Forevermark Brand Zone that was supposed to start today! We had planned Rolex technical. training, four employees were supposed to attend Forevermark forum and the AGS Conclave, JA newyork show. All cancelled.


Have you sent any type of correspondence to your customers reassuring them and explaining the COVID-19 safety protocols you have initiated?

  • We have called everyone personally who have items to be picked up and we have done email and social media blasts to keep everyone updated

  • Yes - we emailed last week saying we are sanitizing, and we are free shipping or curbside pickup. 

  • E mails

  • Email

  • Working on a email blast

  • Emails and website are disseminating info to clients.

  • Sent an Email; Pop up on website; produced a together we are stronger video scheduled to go out later this week

  •  Email, Facebook and Instagram message as well as message on website and texting message. 

  • We sent an email out but a shorter one because we are receiving one from everyone saying the same thing.  Informed customer we would bring their jewelry out to them in the car or would ship it for free to them at home.  Also posted it on Google

  • Yes, we did social videos and sent an eblast

  • Website/Facebook/ personal reach outs to customers- but we are in the store working without staff, so we tell people if they call

  • Email and Facebook

  • Email and social media channels

  • Facebook message, email blast

  • Social media

  • Plan on sending out a Facebook, Instagram, eblast and blog post soon.

  • FB

  • Please see our FB post for Ware Jewelers.  We feel we are personally bombarded with multiple long emails and see long posts and people are tuning out. Every company is saying the same thing.  Doesn’t need to be a book-keeping it short

  • We have done a social media post.

  • We sent a similar letter letting them know how we are reacting to Covid-19 and what steps we have taken to ensure their and our Safety.

  • Yes. Sent out a notice 2 days ago and will be sending out another one today informing our customers about the closure of the showroom.

  • We are currently sending out a letter

  • We have put a message on the phone, putting it on social media and on the web site

  • We put a sign on the door, I think its self-evident and common sense why businesses are closed

  • Posted a letter on our web site and email blast to all of our customers

    Since we haven't implemented drastic changes yet, we've decided to not add to the email list of our customers.  We are prepared to send an email if a reduction in hours or closures are imminent.


  • Web site, store signs, recorded message.  This is sad!!!

  • Working on it......

  • Not yet, working on that. Thank you, Steve!

  • Have not reached out to clients yet

  • We are currently sending out a letter.

  • We have not however we should....

  • Haven’t. Media is covering that.

  • Have not yet, still deciding whether to remain open.  Business in our area seem to be closing.  Tough Call

  • We just made the decision today so will be working on that this afternoon. 

  • We have not.  We are staying focused on our marketing plan.  We are proceeding with two store construction projects to prepare the store for when this shall pass.

  • I told our staff this is like a Hurricane, but it will be 2--4 months, not 2-4 days. There will be pent up demand when the fear passes, and we will be ready for it.  We have met on how to maintain relationships.  However, the economic impact of this will last 18-24 months.  And the collapse of oil is not due to this pandemic - the strategy being imposed by Russia is using the pandemic to hide their dumping of oil into the market. 




Dear Valued Customer,

Like so many of you, we here at Barnes Jewelry have been learning about the coronavirus (COVID-19), and its impact on our country and world. 
We first would like to extend our sympathy to all who have been affected by the coronavirus.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to those impacted by this unprecedented event.  We would like to thank our healthcare workers, local communities and governments who are working to contain this coronavirus.
Second, we would like to let you know the precautions we are taking to keep our clients and associates safe.  Since 1956, Barnes Jewelry has lived by a core value established by our founder, Mr. Barnes, to “take care of our clients and associates.”


  • We are reminding associates about washing hands often.  We have plenty of soap and hand sanitizer to make sure they stay clean and sanitized.

  • We regularly clean and disinfect all counters, door handles, glass and jewelry.  Effective immediately, we will increase the timeliness of the cleaning procedures to several times throughout the day.

  • We will be disinfecting jewelry that comes into the store before it is put in the showcases and each time after it is handled.

  • We have hand sanitizer for our clients if desired.  The sanitizers are located throughout the store or you may ask any associate.

There is no greater concern than the health and safety of our guests, clients and associates.

In this climate, we know that a jewelry purchase may not be your first thought.  However, if you have a need for a gift giving occasion, we are here to help “Celebrate Your Moments.”  If you are not comfortable getting out, please feel free to shop on line at or call our store during business hours at 806-355-9874, and one of our associates would be happy to assist you.

Don E. Adams
Barnes Jewelry


King Furs and Fine Jewelry

4568 Poplar Ave | Memphis, TN38117 | 901-767-5464


A sincere letter from the desk of Steven Ballin, President of King Furs and Fine Jewelry and your friend...

Hello Friends,

I wanted you to know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers, even more so today with all that is currently going on in our world. Life has become significantly scarier than any other time in my 56 years. I do feel that eventually this crisis, like so many others, will pass and life as we know it, will soon be back to normal. 

We are very proud to be a locally owned business serving Memphis and the midsouth for a very, very long time. We have survived many calamities together and we expect to survive this one, too. 

Please rest assured that we will continue to be open for business with our normal business hours of 10am to 5:30pm, Monday through Saturday. We want you all to stay healthy as well as our staff and we are taking every precaution to keep everyone safe. We have put hand sanitizers by our front door and throughout the store for your use. We always look forward to serving you, but should you not be feeling well, we will look forward to seeing you when everything has settled a bit and all precautions have been lifted.

We so appreciate all our local support. Should you be in the market in the coming days or weeks for something special to celebrate a milestone in your life or the lives of your family and friends or maybe need some “retail therapy,” please know that we are here for you.

If you’re being very careful and choosing not to venture from home, please give us a call and we’d be glad to help you via email and the phone and through our web site.

My team and I look forward to welcoming you to King where you can always find fantastic jewelry and furs in Memphis with the best values and quality. 

Don’t forget, if you’re unable to shop in person, please call us at 901-767-5464 and we’ll help you over the phone and make arrangements for delivery.

I wish you all the best in health and comfort in knowing you have dear friends in your community.





Steven Ballin


King Furs and Fine Jewelry


Dear Valued Customers,

Bill and I are very concerned, seeing a rapid spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19 in New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We feel it’s time to be totally proactive to keep our customers and our employees safe.

To help fight the spread, we are aligning with other businesses and will be closing for a period of 14 days starting Wednesday, March 18 through Wednesday April 1, 2020. Should there be any changes we will notify you.

As you know, Isolation is the only way to combat the spread of this deadly virus.
All recent special orders are being processed and we will call each customer to arrange for delivery. Many employees will be available if you need anything.

Thank you for understanding and please stay safe!

Birdie and Bill Levine
And all the Van Cott Gems

If you have any questions, here are the emails for each Van Cott Jeweler employee.

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