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Now You Can Access All Your RAs and more in 1 place!

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- Take A Look At The New Features -



Confirmation Page
This enables you to do a final review of the information before submitting the request.

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Once you submit an RA, you will be transferred to the RA Center where you can verify that your
RA was submitted.



You now have the option to search through your RAs by
Customer Name, Warranty #, and RA #.




Packing Slip
The preferred system will now generate a packing slip.
This packing slip must be included with your shipment to True Romance.

Packing Slip.gif

Check the Status of your RA


  • Requested: Waiting for True Romance to assign an RA #

  • Approved: True Romance has approved the RA request and issued an RA number

  • Returned: The RA has been repaired and prepared for return shipping. A return tracking number from DHL will be included.

  • Rejected: We will include a reason why the RA was not approved. i.e. We do not fix chains.




New Email Notifications
The below emails correlate to the status above.
Your customers will not receive the emails below. These emails will only go to the associate requesting the RA, the main email assigned to your account, the
True Romance Team, and the Preferred Headquarters.





You can now stay in touch with the True Romance and Preferred team.

This is also a great place to document your shipping information TO True Romance.
All comments and correspondence will be recorded here so you may look back at your history.




We can now see if a jewelry item has been submitted multiple times for repair.




Quick View 
A window will pop open so you can quickly view the RA information for that specific product.

Quick View.jpg
Quick View.gif



Customer's Info
We've linked the warranty number to your customer's contact info.

Customer Info.gif

Please note:

Lapsed / Past Due Warranties

  • If the product has lapsed or is past it's inspection due date, it is not eligible to apply for an RA. The customer will be required to cover the repairs needed and then can be reinstated. If there are extenuating circumstances (covid-military, was not updated etc.) please notate in the comment section so it may be considered for approval.



  • RA’s Request from May 2020 and moving forward, will be documented in our system.

  • All RA request up to April 2020
    Have been marked as Returned. The RA numbers for these request were documented through email and not in our system.

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