Founded in 2013, Podium is an online review management platform that allows businesses to collect and manage online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and many more. Podium makes reviews easy to write and simple to post the moment a transaction happens. It’s the first fully mobile platform. Podium is changing the way companies build their online reputation.

Not all review sites are made equal. Fortunately, Podium automatically helps you prioritize and choose the review sites that matter most to your business. From Google and Facebook to industry-specific review sites, Podium’s SmartSelect technology gets your customers efficiently to the sites that have the largest impact on your business.

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Today’s customer is more informed than ever before. They’re more social, savvy, and mobile than just 5 years ago and they’re here to stay. They have endless access to information and can make decisions about your business before you even engage with them. Stop the guesswork and know what they’re saying. With Podium, you can impact what’s said, where things are said, and how things are said. Podium helps over 30,000+ take full control of their online reputation.

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