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Warranty Registration and Inspection Forms:


To make it easier on you and your sales associates we have created a Warranty Registration Form and a Warranty Update Form that you can print out and use when you just don't have access to the Internet. Your sales associates can then write the consumers information down right at point of sale and enter the information on the Preferred website later when they have time.  Please keep in mind that you must enter all information on the Preferred Website in order to update and generate the next warranty notification to keep your customers Preferred Warranty valid and in good standing.



Click the images below to download the forms.

* You must enter this information on the Preferred Website to validate the registration.

* This information must be submitted on the Preferred Website to validate the Warranty Inspection and reset the consumers next inspection due date.

If you have any questions or trouble downloading the above forms,
please give Preferred Headquarters a call @

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