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"The Preferred WWW Event"

OK.. so now you're Preferred! That's fantastic!

When your customers see this, they may ask...

"Hey, how can I get the Preferred Warranty on my diamond

earrings that I bought last year from you...

before you were Preferred?"

the Preferred

Wine, Whiskey and Warranty Event

is the perfect solution.

Retailers invite their guests to come in with their past purchases to see if they are eligible for the Preferred Warranty. They have the opportunity to bring their items back into perfect "like new" condition for a fee and then gift them the warranty.

Harris Jewelers is taking it a step further by upgrading eligible items to the Preferred Platinum Jewelry Care program. It's a one time fee for the lifetime of the item and it will cover their center stone

as well as reimburse you for all repairs.

Click here to learn more about the

Preferred Platinum Lifetime Jewelry Care Plan and

5 Year Watch Care Plans.

Here's some examples below. Want to hold your own WWW Event?

We can help... just give us a call 888-998-8874

Harris WWW Event.png

Sam's Fine Jewelers made this great flyer that they sent out to all their customers...

They had a fantastic turnout and can't wait to tell you all about it!


Here's a letter from Seema...



We can proudly say our Wine, Whiskey, and Warranty event was a success! We chose to hold a two-day weekend event, spreading the word via social media, email, mailing lists, and personally contacting our VIP clientele via telephone. As an added incentive, we included a two-day ONLY coupon for 20% off of repairs and $200 off of a new purchase of $600 or more.


The coupons worked in our favor. Many customers enjoyed re-creating new pieces out of old jewelry and took advantage of the added discount. Our customers loved that they were able to bring in jewelry purchased elsewhere and have their pieces brought back into like-new condition by a jeweler they trust.


They also loved the fact that if and when they move out of state they have another Preferred Jeweler that is an independent store to take care of their future needs in jewelry and repairs as well as their 6-month inspections. A few of them stated that they would still come back in to visit us when they are in town visiting family. We love that this warranty now guarantees them coming in twice a year without us having to lift a finger!


As with any new event we learned what worked for our team and discussed what will be tweaked in the future. Next Wine, Whiskey, and Warranty event will be by appointment, ensuring each customer is given adequate attention. We encourage you to invest in a nice bottle of whiskey that has your customers asking, “What’s this whiskey called again?” It’ll certainly bring a smile to your face when your busy day comes to an end. 


We LOVE being Preferred!



Sam's Fine Jewelry

Garland, Texas


Below is a mailer Johnson Jewelers sent out their selected guests...

WWW Letter JohnsonJewelers.jpg

If you're planning on having a WWW event we would love to hear about it.

Let us know and if you'd like some more ideas and or help, just give us a call!


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