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Frequently Asked Customer Questions:


Where can I have my ring serviced if I move?

Customers can easily find another Preferred location by clicking on the tab titled Nationwide Presence on the Preferred website. There is a full list by state or an interactive map. Once they open the map they can just enter their zip code in the search box, click search and the closest retailer will pop up. Then just click on the address and it will open in a larger Google map and show you exactly how far away they are from them. You can always call Preferred Headquarters and we will be happy to help you or your customer to make sure that you have continued Experiences that last a Lifetime™.


What happens if I move to a new location with no Preferred Jeweler near me?

If you happen to move to a new location where there is no Preferred Jeweler and you need service, please contact Preferred Headquarters by calling our toll free number 888-998-8874 and we will advise you on how to proceed.


What happens if I lose a diamond?

The Nationwide Warranty covers the replacement of any missing round diamonds up to 0.20 ctw. If you lose a diamond, take your ring into the nearest Preferred Jeweler. If you are going to a new location make sure you know your warranty number. You can always call Preferred and we can help you. As long as your warranty is in good standing, the proper steps will be taken in order to assure that the ring is repaired. Please make sure you go in for inspections every 6 months to keep from losing any diamonds and to make sure your warranty gets updated and stays in good standing.


What if I can't find my warranty card?

Not to worry... any Preferred Jeweler can access your information in our system just by giving them your name and warranty number. You can also called Preferred Headquarters and we will look up your number for you.


Preferred Nationwide Warranty Coverage:

If service is required simply go to your Preferred Jeweler and covered services will be repaired and serviced at no charge.


This warranty provides the replacement of any missing round mined or lab grown diamonds (up to 0.20 ctw)


To maintain the validity of this warranty you will be required and notified every 6 months (30 days before and again 14 days before your due date) to bring your jewelry into your Preferred Jeweler of choice to be fully serviced, inspected and updated on the Preferred website.


Every service visit will be recorded in our Preferred Jewelers International database to document and maintain the life and journey of your special item.

Any Preferred Jeweler will, at no charge:

  • Maintenance and inspection of prongs, channels and setting work. Minor re-tipping of 1 or 2 prongs*

  • Re-sizing, 1x per year when possible, after the initial sizing at purchase.

  • Tightening of diamonds.

  • Preferred Jewelers will replace a round natural or lab grown diamond up to .20ctw at no additional charge to consumer. (excluding fancy cut or colored diamonds and invisible settings)

  • FREE Lifetime Maintenance

    *In the instances where Rhodium is required, a charge MAY be incurred.

This is at the sole discretion of the Preferred Jeweler.

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