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Exceptional customer service is our objective to prevent unnecessary stress and costs to all concerned.

We have recently received some inquiries from retailers that we feel need to be addressed and policies put in place. We want to be proactive to prevent any issues, BEFORE they actually occur.


Example: In instances where a consumer bought a ring/item from one of our Preferred retailers, who then sent it to True Romance for repair;


We have put policies in place that True Romance will thoroughly inspect the ring/item carefully before proceeding with the repair request.


If they see that due to the nature of the ring sent in, that sizing may compromise the stability of the ring, especially in cases when the ring must go up or down many sizes or that even with the repair the ring/item is problematic, True Romance will contact Preferred Headquarters before proceeding.


In the case of jewelry work needed on a piece of Jewelry with a gemstone:


Concerning the delicate nature of certain stones, i.e. emeralds, opals etc.

Any type of jewelry work requiring heat or removal of a stone may result in damaging or cracking the stone. In these cases, True Romance will contact the retailer to discuss how to handle each circumstance.

In many cases, the original manufacturer should handle the jewelry.


We urge retailers to include the manufacturer on the warranty when applicable.


A Word from Our Facilitator: Isaac Gad of True Romance

Isaac Gad

619 East Palisade Ave

Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632 

Dear Preferred Retailers,


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Isaac Gad and I am the CEO of True Romance Bridal. We have been authorized suppliers for Continental Buying Group for over 20 years. I have always maintained a strong relationship with Andie and Joe and when they approached me with becoming the repair facilitator for Preferred Jewelers International I immediately saw an opportunity to reach out to additional retailers for our True Romance brand. For the same reason a retailer would service a consumer from another retailer in order to secure a new customer, I am happy to service all Preferred Retailers since it automatically gives me an opportunity to meet retailers I would otherwise not have the opportunity to meet. In addition, my name and the True Romance name are constantly on the tip of Andie’s tongue as well as everyone else’s at Preferred Jewelers International. The amount of money I have expended handling Preferred repairs is minute compared to the dollars I would have to spend to secure that kind of marketing.


True Romance has owned it’s own factory in the Dominican Republic since 1995. We have approximately 450 employees, 120 of which are clerical support & customer service.  Our facility is 25,000 square feet.

The following are the procedures True Romance has implemented in order to service

repairs received from Preferred Retailers:


1. Return request authorizations are thoroughly reviewed to maintain protocol.

2. I am personally copied on every request so that I am always aware of what is coming in.

3. When a repair item arrives in the factory, there is a person dedicated to receiving and checking thoroughly each and every item that comes in from Preferred Retailers.

4.Upon receipt, up to 5 images and sometimes video is taken of the item to show various angles and view at high resolution.

5. My production foreman determines how each job should be handled. On more complicated jobs, I am always contacted to see how to proceed.

6. If the complexity of a piece is beyond the factory’s capability, I contact the team at Preferred Headquarters to discuss how to proceed. Because of the wide reach of Preferred and the Continental Buying Group, we are able to contact the original manufacturer if necessary to handle the repair. For example, we have had cases where a micro pave setting had to be resized several sizes. The only way for this to be done properly is either to have the manufacturer handle the sizing or have the ring made in the correct size. Manufacturers value their relationships with our retailers so they have always been willing to accommodate such a request. We even had a case when Brian Alter of Alter’s Gem Jewelry sold an estate piece that had lost invisibly set diamonds. We reached out to a supplier who specialized in that type of setting and because of his relationship with Continental Buying Group he agreed to handle the repair at no charge.


In conclusion, I would be happy to answer any further questions you or your team may have. I am always available to speak to you. I am so confident and proud to be affiliated with Preferred Jewelers International™.

You can also reach me on my cell phone, 917-400-4407.


I look forward to speaking with you.


Best regards,







Isaac Gad


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