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Your Preferred Jewelers Membership SEO Benefits


As a member of Preferred Jewelers, you receive Keyword Search Optimization for your geographic location.

We optimize 5 keywords in 5 locations, which translates to 25 keyword phrases. The goal is to increase the SERP rankings of each Preferred Jewelers members profile page within the Preferred Jewelers website. Members have been delighted to see their rankings increase on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and most are on the first page of Google Search Results Page.


Keyword Search Optimization Explained;

When a combination of keywords and geographic location match up in a database, a Google search will yield a result in reference to your “profile page” on the Preferred Jewelers website. The Preferred Jewelers website has domain authority because of our SEO efforts throughout the entire network. This authority, combined with your keywords will result in a high SERP Ranking.


See the following result of a search for the keyword “diamond engagement rings” in the geographic location of Beaumont, TX. This listing is showing on the first page of the Google SERP.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 4.19.24 PM.png

Keyword Search Directly Benefits You

When consumers in your local area search for a trusted jeweler online, the jewelers websites with the highest SERP Rankings appear on page one and are the most visible. Preferred Jewelers International™ in partnership with Bluestar Applications puts incredible resources into organic SEO which is evidenced by its high SERP rankings. Each Retailer Profile page on the Preferred Jewelers website links directly to the members own website driving traffic directly to each retailers website.


It is important to note that unlike ads, the underlying benefit of organic SEO is

long term exposure.

Ads disappear very quickly. Consumers trust organic results more than ads.

A paid advertisement cannot push you off of first page organic results.

Consistent SEO work will keep your rankings high,

assuring customers that you are a trusted and

authoritative retailer when it comes to jewelry.

Paid clicks vs organic search?

Paid is always on top, consumers know these are paid ads,

that businesses pay to be there,

the ORGANIC SECTION is where the cream of the crop are and

consumers KNOW this!

Contact K at Bluestar Applications to review your current Preferred Jewelers SEO Keywords,

discuss adding additional Preferred Keyword phrases,

or to set up an SEO analysis to see how well you rank and

how we can help you achieve all your goals.



K. Naran

CEO Bluestar Applications



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