As a Preferred Jeweler, you are able to participate in an exclusive program, which includes the following benefits:

0.02% December Discounted Rate + $0.10 / transaction, plus interchange.

Dues & Assessments passed through at cost!

In order to create some “BUZZ” regarding the processing...

Solupay is offering a discount rate of 0.02% on

Visa, MasterCard and Discover transactions, 

plus dues & assessments, pass thru-fees and

interchange for the month of December.  


After December, Solupay will lock your rate in at interchange, plus 0.10% or below, depending on your annual Visa/MC credit card volume.  That fixed rate will be good for the term that you process with Solupay.  

Their niche in the jewelry industry for over 20 years has created a wealth of knowledge regarding the needs, processes and uniqueness of your daily operations. 


  • Next Day Funding

  • Net Billing

  • Reduced American Express rates for those merchants processing under $1,000,000 in Amex annually

  • Pass thru pricing on Visa, MasterCard and Discover of no more than 0.10% above wholesale cost/interchange, dues and assessments

  • Dedicated Relationship Management

  • PCI Compliance Support

  • 3-D Secure Chargeback Prevention for Ecommerce sales

  • Chargeback Management Support

  • EMV Ready Equipment at wholesale cost

  •  Mobile and WIFI payment options available


Angela Gage of Solupay has personally been specializing within the jewelry industry for the past 20 years and understand the payment challenges that jewelers encounter. She consider Solupay a "boutique firm" that focuses on individual merchant needs, providing additional resources for charge back prevention, PCI compliance support, consumer authentication tools for ecommerce sales and educational materials to support your staff.

Solupay is happy to complete an analysis of your current processing scenario verses the rates that have been negotiated and are available as a Preferred Jeweler. Please contact Angela to further discuss this program or provide a current processing statement to me at the address below.


Angela M Gage - Vice President

Solupay Payment Solutions

Email:  |  Phone: 480.513.9294